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The example you see here is a Signature Series Print, and here is how they happen: When I am processing your photos, one will just jump out at me. I'll work a little photographer's magic on it and BAM--we've got a Signature Series Print. It will come in a limited number of sizes and be 100 percent original. It will also be priced a little more for the work that goes into it, but it's affordable and I believe well worth the price. So keep an eye out for them in your gallery. You never know what artistic combination you will find...

SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase $50 or more in Signature Series Prints and you may purchase the Entire Gallery CD for $50 off the regular price.

Digital Downloads (Full Resolution) - $80.00
Now you are able to pick a single Signature Series Print and download the full resolution digital file. This is perfect for those on a budget, and relatives that live far away that may only want 1 or 2 images, but would like to make multiple copies of it, or use it as a screen saver. You can email it, or print it right off your own printer - forever. This is perfect for scrapbooking as well.